Sunday, 22 August 2010

Preserving our foraged and home grown produce

I am actually feeling a little excited, not only are our vegetables growing welll, they are producing more than we can eat! So today I have a little bit of a preserve fest.

these are some of the beans we have grown

These are some of the preserved goodies. I have frozen the beans/ carrots on portion sized freezer bags. Dylan and I picked some blackberries the other day and the jars you see there are the jam I made from them. I also made fruit filling which I have seperated into individual pots and frozen ready to be peiced together to make things such as crumbles and pies.

I also managed to do some sewing ealrier on today, I fixed some dresses repaired a sleeping bag, and yes I did finally finish the baby quilt for my new nephew, just in time as we leave in the morning fo rthe long drive up to meet him!

This blog has been very quite this month as we haven't been home much, and it doesn't look like it will get any busier, however I will update when I can.
 From our gardenI have preserved some carrots and lots of frwench beans tonight

Thursday, 19 August 2010

what a lovely holiday we had!

We have been on our holiday to France and it was fantastic. We stayed at a lovely campsite in Lower Normandy for the first week, and a much busier site in the Ile de France for the second week.

The first site was a lovely Chateau being run by a family with lots of animals and prganic veggies. It was fantastic. We all really really loved the site.

This is the Chateau ( or castle) which made my little princess so happy.

The second campsite we went to was very close to Disneyland Paris, so we had a 3 days in there and lots of fun. I got lots of sewing done on both sites while the children played. I sewed together lots of hexagon strips, I now need to attach the strips onto the quilt topper.
We also found some plum trees on the secind site where we managed some foraging for baby plums before we left;

I now need to decide what I am going to do with these quickly as they will go off very soon if I don't. Think I may spend some time this evening thinking about it before I go to bed.

While we were away my sister had her baby, so I now have a new baby nephew, and a real urgency to sort out the baby blanket I made before I went away. I must sort out the wonky edges so that I can give it to her, I have quite  a tight schedule to get that completed by as we are off to stay on Monday so my project for tomorrow is to finish the blanket and do something with the plums as well.