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I am planning on using this page as a way to gather my thoughts, when reading other blogs I often see ideas I want to try but I can't do them all at once. So this page is going to be links of ideas so I can find them later. When I get around to trying them out I will also link my post on here. This page is bound to grow and grow, I am always seeing things I like but then I loose the links so hopefully this is gonna help.

Ilona's rag rug here I'm loving the idea of a rag rug- I think I may need to make one when I finally get around to decorating my bedroom.

ABC-does ice art and ice marbles here these just look great fun!I tried this- they didn't work BOO!

Elaine's stash busting scarf here so simple sounding, and looks fab! I have made a version of this here

Cindy's cloth basket tutorials here I have an idea o making us one each of these to go on a shelf in the hall to hold hats, scarves etc that we are always hunting as they don't have an official home. As well as thinking that I may make some for various other reasons, mostly cos they are pretty -)

A pair of bed socks here I have made a pair of socks for Stephanie a while back. I love the idea of having a warm cosy pair of my own. I have made some!! here

Snow trousers here I think Stephanie may need a new pair before the snow arrives next winter.

Fingerless mittens here I am loving these too :-)

Another stash busting scarf by Elaine here I must make some of these, I love Elaine's idea of them as Christmas presents. I have made one here

Chocolate puddle pudding again by Elaine here this looks delicious

Eggless Banana bread by Michelle here always handy to have an eggless cake recipe, we often run out of eggs.

Atty's Star Blanket- Grogeous crochet blanket here I want to make a purple one of these to have on my bed once I decorate the bedroom.

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