About the Little Family of 3

This blog is written by a single Mum who also works outside of the home full time. This means that sometimes we have lots of posts in a week, other times I may not get a chance to post for a while. Little Family of 3 comprises of Sarah (Mum) and her 2 children currently aged 16 and 9.

As a family we enjoy spending time cooking, exploring different places, growing our own vegetables and making our own clothes etc. Well most of the making our own involves the children telling me things that they want and then choosing fabrics etc for me to make them. Stephanie is especially interested in me making her clothes. Dylan is very interested in making our own food, he loves to cook and often makes our dinner. Come and join us on our adventures and see what we get up to. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of each page; whether they are questions or suggestions on other things we could try. I respond to all comments on blog posts.

I am happy to review products, I will provide honest reviews of the products I test. If you would like to contact me about this please email littlefamilyof3@hotmail.co.uk