Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I seem to have been incredibly busy the past few weeks. Being September I gone back to work, the children have been back at school. On top of this we have had family stuff happening which I can;t discuss here, we are all OK just added stress.

We went out the other weekend for the day just Dylan Stephanie and myself. It was a fantastic day, we went to the ExCel to watch the Wheelchair fencing finals. We got the train there, as we walked along the river front to the ExCel we watched people water skiing, the children asked for a go but it was too expensive for me to do. They did have a go at walking on water on the river;

We then had lunch by the river before carrying on our walk to the venue. When we got there the games makers were fantastic, they were singing into their walkie talkies to cheer people as they prepared to queue. One was sat on what looked like a lifeguards chair, the lady was giving directions to people as they came in and let Stephanie speak over the microphone. Which was a fantastic start to the games for us.
We also found when we got there that we were able to go into events other than the one that we had paid for as long as there were seats available at no extra cost. As a result we got to watch the fencing stages, and the Boccia finals in which Great Britain got a silver, it was so exciting and amazing to see the award ceremony. It was so exciting even Dylan forgot his teenage nonchalance and started shouting and cheering!
Flag raising. Such a proud moment.
I am so pleased we were able to go and be part of history. My children loved it, I loved it. Such an amazing day and the game makers really did help to make it so special
There they are singing and dancing as we left the events, still smiling and amazingly cheerful.
What an amazing day, it will be remembered for years to come.