Tuesday, 30 March 2010

times flying!

wow where is time going at the moment?

seem to be constantly busy at the moment. Lots of uni work to do and have also been visiting schools for the GTP and have been to a couple of interviews. I haven't got any of the jobs though, so I will be doing the PGCE in September. Feel very calm now that a decision has been made.

Have been busy at home playing games, and making a model of the solar system. Stephanies knowledge is astoudning. She asked me the other day where the bricks and books were kept when the world was all water, before it cracked and we got mud so that the humans could come. WOW! my baby is not really a baby anymore :-( such a sad thought.

Our plants are growing well all of the pots have little shoots appearing; apart from the sunflowers but they were planted about a week after the others. Will post some pics another day feeling a bit tired tonight so going to go to bed soon.

Went to look at a school with Carla today it was a fantastic looking school, it had a great little outdoor area; they had a caravan, a rope swing, climbing apparatus and a woodworking bench with real hammers/ saws etc for the children to use. Was so impressed I have ordered a real toolkit for Stephanies birthday present.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

drowning in paper!!

I feel like it anyway. Am just tying up the loose ends of my dissertation and it is lots of different pieces of paper (hopefully all talking about the same subject!). Its due to be handed in tomorrow so having a slight panic as the printer wanted to print wonky, skip some lines of random pages and other crazy things. It is all done now and in the folder ready for submission.

Have had a busy day in school with goldfish class. We have been playing playdough LOTS. I also took half the class for story time today, lots of fun felt very grown up and teachery doing that.

Dropped of Stephanies old smart trike to its proud new owners after school, she hasn't noticed that it has gone yet but am sure she will soon.

We did notice at bedtime our plants are sprouting up, we have tiny green bits belonging to peppers, carrots, salad leaves and tomatoes so far. Just waiting for the peas to shoot up, they may take longer as they are already outside. Will try and photograph tomorrow to record their progress, will also check on the sunflowers to see if they are doing much yet.

Monday, 22 March 2010


I am planning to start this blog to help organise my thinking and as a sort of online diary of our time as a family.
We are a little family, just me, my son Dylan and daughter Stephanie. We enjoy spending time together exploring different places, or at home playing games and cooking together. Just the usual family stuff really.
I am currently in my third and final year of my degree, and will be starting my teacher training course in September.
Dylan is in his final year of primary and due to start secondary in September.
Stephanie is in her final year of nursery, due to start infants in September.

So as you can see we have a lot of changes happening this year. Oh did I mention we would also like to move very soon too!

Not to many changes happening for us in the forthcoming future. Well the move isnt likely to be within the next year. Currently renting but am wanting to buy in the next few years. I am with a housing association at the moment and its a tiny little flat, we don't even have a balcony. We are on the list for a house, like thousands of other families in the area. If we get moved and like where we get moved to then I may consider not buying, but I see that as unlikely.

So to buy a house I need to sort out some debts I have, credit cards!, and save for a deposit. I think I could do this within 5 years, if I manage to get a place on the GTP teacher training so I get paid as I learn. Otherwise I could take a bit longer, as although the PGCE route has a bursary its not a lot. So GTp 5 year aim, PGCE 6 year aim. So not too long.

Am planning to use the blog to chart progress towards this goal, and the little things we do as a family along the way. Like today we went to feed the ducks, who rather disappointingly weren't hungry! So we planted sunflower seeds instead.

We are having a bit of success with our seeds we plnted last week to, we have little sprouts from the salad leaves, and we think the peppers. Although they might be tomatoes, I forget which we put in which pots! So will see when they start to fruit!
We also have rainbow carrots and peas planted. We are never going to be able to grow more than a mouthful of each plant as we only have space for small pots, but it is good experience and practice for when we finally get a garden.

I do have our names on the allotment list, but I have mor ehope of getting a house than an allotment. We are 26th on the allotment list shame they only let about one a year!

So watch our progress and see will we get a garden or an allotment first!