Bucket list

Here are a list of the things I want to achieve. I am not setting myself a time limit to achieve these by, they are to be here as inspiration when I am unsure what I want to do but also as I reminder of what I can and have done as I cross each item off.

1.Go to Spain
2.go to Italy
3.Go to Lapland.
4.go to Ireland
5.Run a marathon completed 12th Aprill 2015 blog post here
6.climb Snowdon again, hopefully in some better weather than when I did before!
7.buy a new car- done now need to pay off the finance!
8.buy a house
9.go to Scotland
10.Learn to dance- I would like to learn ballroom dance
11.Take both children to Chessington for the day completed- blog post here
12.Go to the art gallery I went to on a staff development day recently as I would like time to look around properly-done post here
13.Have a BIG party for family/friends
14.Go camping in Cornwall August 2014 complete- we stayed near Lands end
15.take the children to Disneyland at Christmas, and sleep in a hotel there DONE!! post here
16.take the children to Blackpool  done blog post here
17.Go to the New Forest DONE blog post here
18. Walk the whole of the South downs way
19.Walk the North downs way
20. stand behind a water fall
21. go horse riding Rode post here
22.go on a camping road trip in the UK- not plan at all where we are going just see where we end up!
23. run a 10k race (and not walk ANY of it) exceeded by completing a half marathon (21k) in Spetmber 2014 post here
24. bike ride as a family  Done! blog post here
25. go to a ballet
26. see another musical in London, we have seen Shrek and Grease. But I would like to see another, one of the 'BIG' shows Complete- we saw Matilda- post here
27. knit a winter jumper/cardigan for me
28. spend a whole day in bed
29. camp out in our garden
30. camp out in our living room- done see post here
31. Fly with The Blades display team
32. go to play at the park in the dark
33.learn to kayak/canoe- July 2015 started by a canoeing day as a family Post here


  1. That's a wonderful, varied list Sarah! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sft x

    1. thank you. I have a feeling I will add to the list over time, I look forward to doing each of these things and discovering new adventures to add as time passes.

  2. ...biggest blessings of inspiration to achieving these awesome adventures!...(O: