Friday, 31 July 2015

Muscle food

I keep seeing on facebook foodie groups that people use muscle foods and that the meat is cheap and good value. Then Elaine posted on mortgage free in three that she had ordered a selectioin of meat. So I popped over to the muscle foods here to be nosey and found that they have an offer for new customers. £75.00 for all of this (and free delivery!)

New Customer Lean Selection:

• 2 x 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breast Fillets 
• 2 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks 
• 4 x 6-7oz British Beef Hache Steaks 
• 2 x 400g British Extra Lean Steak Mince 
• 1 x 1.2kg Whole Corn-Fed Chicken 
• 2 x 400g Premium Diced Turkey Breast 
• 2 x 454g Lean Chicken Breast Sausages 
• 2 x 4oz Lite Beef Burgers

...& Fresh Vegetables:

• 1 x 500g Fresh Skinny Sweet Potato Fries
• 1 x 500g Fresh Slow Cooker Mix 
• 1 x 500g Shredded Red Cabbage 
• 1 x 500g Peeled Chunky Sweet Potato Chips

...& These FREE!!

• 1 x 454g Meaty Pork Sausages
• 1 x 340g Giant British Lean Meatballs
• 1 x 350g Low Fat Bacon Medallions
• Free Super Chilled Delivery
• Your Choice of Delivery Date
• Expertly Cut on Day of Despatch

…& These for NEW Customers ONLY:

• 1 x £5 Muscle Food Vouchers
• 1 x 500g Fresh Salmon Fillet Voucher

Looked good so I decided to order. Today my delivery arrived. I have had emails to tell me it would be coming today and then I got a text message nice an early to tell me it was on it's way. I chose the savers delivery option (free!) as I knew there would be someone here all day so Iddin't mind not having a specific time slot. 

My boxes ready for unpacking. When I opened the box, everything was vacuum packed so looks really small. This is what Igot for my money

Bacon medallions 350g
 2 packs of sweet potato chips 2 packs of turkey breast
  2 packs stuffed full of chicken breasts (24 in total)
  2 packs of hache steaks
  2 packs mince 3 packs of sausages

There was also some rump steaks although I seem to have forgotten those!

There is enough meat here to last us for over a month, probably more like 2 months. Brilliant. Even less need to go to the supermarket now.

Do you want to give muscle foods a go? Then click here the link will take you to the muscle foods website where you will get 4 free chicken breasts on any order over £25.

I have not been paid to write this post. I just wanted to share what I believe to be a fantastic bargain with others.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Another item off the bucket list

Today I faced one of my fears. I was very nervous but determined to do it. I have a problem with water have done since an incident involving water with 2 of my sisters involving water as an early teen. It is this that has pushed me into ensuring that my children could swim, they were in the swimming pool as soon as they had had their first lot of booster injections at 3 months old and were taken regularly so that they were water confident, once they started to be able to look like they were ready to swim they were into swimming lessons. They are both good swimmers now and I would be confident to let them swim without me in the pool.

On our bucket list is to go canoeing/kayaking. I was very excited to see that Lee Valley white water centre centre had canoe sessions suitable for beginners all through the summer holidays. And the best bit it is just £5 per person for one hour everything you need is included (canoe, buoyancy aid and safety helmet). What a bargain. So I booked the three of us  in before I could change my mind. I knew the children would love it even if I wasn't so sure.

I am not going to lie I woke up this morning full of nerves. It says it is on a lake. That sounded like a lot of scary water to me! I had promised, there was no backing out. Once we got to the centre I was immediately reassured. I could see the bottom of the lake, it didn't look that deep. Come on you can do this! I got us signed in, filled in the permission forms for the children and waited for our turn. Watching children happily paddling/rowing (I'm not sure which you call it for canoeing) around the lake. My two were very excited, as were the group of 5 youngsters we were going to be sharing the lake with. They seemed fearless. If they can do this so can I! We got our safety gear on and it was our turn. Stephanie decided just as we were about to get in the lake that she would rather have a canoe to herself, she had said all morning that she wanted to go in together. I was put in first. Deep breath and I pushed off.

I paddled around the beginning a little watched both of my children get in a move around. Stephanie immediately declared it hard! LOL Not sure what she expected but soon she was moving herself more confidently around the lake. She stopped for a little while, content to watch the rest of us moving around. One of the lads in the group was chatting to her, giving her tips and encouraging her to keep trying. She did, and with more confidence. She seemed happier to stick near to this confident group than to move around with her poor mum! Never mind, I had discovered the ;ake is only around waist height for me, she is a good swimmer I was happy to let her some independence. I started to race Dylan a little around the lake. It was fab to find something that the teenager is happy to do with me still!!

All to soon we had our ten minute warning. It was almost time to get out. Stephanie decided that she was quite far from the entrance/ exit so started to make her way over slowly. Dylan and I played a little in the slalom poles, not sure if that's what they are but it's how we used them. Then it was time to get out. Where did the hour go??

(Stock photo from the Lee valley website, no pictures of us as all cameras were safely in a locker)

We already have plans to go back in a couple of weeks, we are going to try and get my sister to come with her boys when they are down for a visit.

I also have the idea for booking proper canoe lessons for the children as their Christmas present this year- Shh don't tell them!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

They keep on growing, growing, growing

Why can't the children play ball by not growing so that I can save more money! LOL every parents wish I am sure.

Today Stephanie and I spent an hour or so sorting through her wardrobe and drawers as she has grown again. Look at all this that no longer fits;

Once I had folded it all tidily it filled two of the very large sports direct bags for life that you get. I am hoping some of it will sell and have started to list it on the facebook selling sites. If they don't go then I will take it down to cash for clothes. the few pounds I make on it all will be put towards a summer treat for us all. Hiding in there are a couple of coats, a couple of jackets, numerous dresses and t-shirts. Would you believe despite removing this lot from her room there is still a whole wardrobe full of clothes in there. Also we have a few bits packed in suitcases as she is due to go away with Brownies this weekend so that case got packed earlier. Also still have the suitcase packed from last weekend when we were meant to go to my sister's. We are hoping to go in the next couple of weeks instead so I haven't unpacked yet. Not unpacking has also highlighted that we all have far too many clothes. I am on a shopping ban!!

It's been another dry and windy day here so I have some washing to sort and iron so best go and get on with it...

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

We're going on a shark hunt...

We're going to see some big ones
We not scared
They're swimming in the tanks!

Today Stephanie and I went to the aquarium. Stephanie is loving sharks at the moment, so a quick bit of research found that local to us London Aquarium has the highest variety of sharks for us to see.

It wasn't our most frugal day but savings were made along the way. Children travel for £1 on trains at the moment so our train fares cost less than £26. There is also an offer on south eastern trains where you can get 2 for 1 vouchers for many London attractions. Sea-life is one of these. You can either pick up a leaflet in the station or print your own from their online site here. I decided to print my own as in previous summers the train station has run out of leaflets.

We queued for ages to get in to the aquarium but we had a fabulous time in there. We were there for around 3 hours. My phone battery died so I only got a few pictures. Stephanie used my phone camera to take some videos. We did take Stephanie's camera with us but her memory card filled up very quickly! LOL

I plan on helping Stephanie to collect all the shark facts she learns over the holidays and see if we can make a little book to make use of all of the pictures. Stephanie is really enjoying using the computer at the moment so I am thinking a digital book may be the way to go.

How do you support your children's interests so that they extend their knowledge?

Monday, 27 July 2015


Whilst sorting and tidying yesterday I came across these old videos. Look how tiny and cute! my babies were. I sat for a ages watching the snippets of our days and the old school plays that were in the camera.

Stephanie has since discovered the camera and is making more up to date movies with it! lol

Saturday, 25 July 2015

We had a change of plan.

This morning we got up ready to begin the 269+ mile journey to my sister's house. I gave Stephanie her antibiotics she is on for a chest infection and jumped in the shower before starting to load the car. Whilst I was loading the car Stephanie came to me and was nearly in tears mummy I'm so itchy and look at my legs and arms. I take a peek and look what I see;

Hmm they look like hives I think. I start rummaging for the piriton on the cupboard. I emerge with none! and more spots are coming up by the second. So I give Stephanie a hayfever tablet and shoot straight to the chemist. The doctors are shut on a Saturday and we live quite a drive from the out of hours etc, The chemist takes one look and ask what she has had/touched this morning. All she had had at this point was the antibiotic which I had taken to the chemist, along with the hayfever tablets I had given her. Stephanie had only been in her room so couldn't have touched any plants etc to have caused the reaction. The chemist advised me to stop the antibiotics and cover her in calamine lotion to help relieve the itching. I also bought a new bottle of piriton whilst there for when the hayfever tablet wears off.

So we have not gone 'oop norf' as I need to keep a close eye that the reaction doesn't get any worse and we also need to visit her doctor first thing on Monday for advice re antibiotics. Cue a little lady hugging me and sobbing "I've been poorly for weeks why can't I just be better"
Still at least the hives are going down now just got to watch and make sure her chest doesn't get any worse before Monday or emergency doctors it is!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Day 1 of the holidays

Today has been an almost home day. we are off visiting family tomorrow so we decided to take it easy. Especially as Stephanie is still not over her chest infection. I did pop to town as we needed a few bits and pieces, then to the library to return books. We also stopped at a lady up the road who is giving away Pigeon breasts as her hubby got carried away shooting! LOL

There were 400g worth of breasts which she gave me, we haven't had pigeon before so I decided to make an almost familiar meal;

Pigeon has a stronger taste than expected, but I enjoyed it. Dylan devoured most of this himself so I am guessing it wa a hit for him. Stephanie was not so keen but she is not much of a meat eater even when she isn't poorly so I didn't expect her to eat much of it. 

I have finally finished the quilt for my niece just in the nick of time as I get to deliver it this weekend!
I hope she likes it.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Schools out...

This is how I feel today- this teacher is pooped and will be back with a proper blog post tomorrow. For now I will leave you with the amusing clip above and below a picture of the amazing gifts from my little class today. I was over whelmed by the generosity of the parents.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A storm coming??

I was going to update you on my crochet blanket I have been making over the last couple of months for my bedroom once I decorate;

However, when I went out to get a drink I discovered that the sky out the back is looking very unusual. Very vivid colours, it makes me wonder if there is a storm coming...

The photos don't do it justice the colours are a red, almost purple. I do love looking at the sky in different weathers it can be absolutely fascinating,

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A birthday present.

It was my niece's birthday on Sunday. She asked me if I could make her a quilt as her present. She wanted it to have purple, flowers and fairies on it.
I got busy collecting fabrics and looking at ones I already have in the house to see what I could do. I decided I wanted to be a little playful and created random blocks of fabric for this quilt. My niece is very playful and I feel this suits her personality.
Here are some of the blocks I made;

I didn't get any of the fairy fabric! I could only find one little fat quarter of fairy fabric so I hope that she doesn't mind that.
Once all of the blocks were stitched together Stephanie helped me to lay them out into a design she was happy with;

Then it was all stitched together;

I just need to buy the backing material (I had to forget something didn't I!) Then I can get it all stitched together. Oh did I mention the time constraints- I am travelling up North to deliver this on Saturday. I am working until Thursday so no time pressure at all. LOL

Now I need to think of things I can make as Christening presents. I have three nieces/nephews being Crhistened over the August bank holiday so I need to get on with this. I have a new born baby boy, a 6 month old baby girl and a 7 year old girl to make for. Ideas on a  postcard!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Easy food

We are still eating up the food out of the freezer. Life has been very busy so quick and simple meals all round. Plus the warm weather means I don't want to be standing in a hot kitchen anyway. Last night the children ate at their dad's so I was just cooking for me. I made pasta salad with mackerel. The vegtables came from the garden. The mackerel had a reduced label on it for 50p and the pasta was a little froma  30p value bag. So a very cheap meal. It was very tasty. I have some of the pasta salad left so I will have that tonight with a couple of the eggs my sister gave me.

I then followed a recipe given to me by a colleague. We made this with the children in school on our recent celebration of French Day it was delicious so I brought the recipe home. I love how simple it is to make.

It tastes delicious.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another run

Today I set off with many members of my running club to run the Newham 10k.

SOme of us who ran in the green wave.
It was a run around the Olympic park, finishing on the Olympic track. The atmosphere was amazing there were many bands playing music along the way and when you were near the Olympic stadium there was music playing. There was a shower on route as well- it was so hot today the shower was very much appreciated. It was like a bus shelter with a water spray inside it, I've never experienced it on a run before, so refreshing! Just after 9km you enter the Olympic park- you run in the tunnels under the stadium I could imagine all the athletes warming up under there 4 years ago as I was running and then all of a sudden you see light and you are out on the track where the worlds most amazing runners raced- it was phenomenal to think I was running in their foot steps (albeit at a somewhat slower pace). I slowed down to try and take a selfie whilst on the track;
I couldn't actually see the screen of my phone so that's all you can see of me! haha

Some pics of the stadium from just beyond the finish line.
Outside the stadium

The run was a very twisty turny run, and over 12000 participants so not a PB race. That said I was only 1min off of my 10pb time.

I really want to run next year and to enter the family race with Stephanie. This running doesn't mix very well with money saving! But such amazing experiences, I will have to think on it.

Love it!!!

Monday, 13 July 2015


I Love My Great Aunt Classic White Coffee Mug

So tonight I was going to post about other things but then I got a message from my niece. And her baby was born at 6:08pm, a gorgeous little boy. He lives 260 miles away so I will be going visiting in a fortnight once school breaks up. I now have  6 nieces,  7 nephews and 2 great nephews (and another great niece/nephew on the way!)

What a blessing my huge family are, I'm a lucky girly.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


The dog goes home today so Stephanie and I decided that we would take her for one last walk. We went out to a local recreation field which leads to a woods, through to the beach and back home. It is a walk I have not completed since I was younger. I wasn't entirely sure if it was still possible to follow the river all the way along, we found out that it is. Along the way we met my cousin who lives up the road he decided that he was going to come too. He seemed to have as much fun playing with Stephanie along the way as she did.

A lovely circular walk rougly 3.5 miles altogether from my house. There were more sights along the way but we were so busy chatting/ playing as we walked that I forgot to take photographs. Maybe next time! Much of the walk was along the saxon shore way. I think I may explore more of this over the summer. It is 160 miles long and much of it goes around the peninsular which I live on so exploring it would be easy enough.

Where are your favourite places to explore where you live? If a visitor came by where would you recommend them to visit?