Sunday, 12 July 2015


The dog goes home today so Stephanie and I decided that we would take her for one last walk. We went out to a local recreation field which leads to a woods, through to the beach and back home. It is a walk I have not completed since I was younger. I wasn't entirely sure if it was still possible to follow the river all the way along, we found out that it is. Along the way we met my cousin who lives up the road he decided that he was going to come too. He seemed to have as much fun playing with Stephanie along the way as she did.

A lovely circular walk rougly 3.5 miles altogether from my house. There were more sights along the way but we were so busy chatting/ playing as we walked that I forgot to take photographs. Maybe next time! Much of the walk was along the saxon shore way. I think I may explore more of this over the summer. It is 160 miles long and much of it goes around the peninsular which I live on so exploring it would be easy enough.

Where are your favourite places to explore where you live? If a visitor came by where would you recommend them to visit?

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