Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another run

Today I set off with many members of my running club to run the Newham 10k.

SOme of us who ran in the green wave.
It was a run around the Olympic park, finishing on the Olympic track. The atmosphere was amazing there were many bands playing music along the way and when you were near the Olympic stadium there was music playing. There was a shower on route as well- it was so hot today the shower was very much appreciated. It was like a bus shelter with a water spray inside it, I've never experienced it on a run before, so refreshing! Just after 9km you enter the Olympic park- you run in the tunnels under the stadium I could imagine all the athletes warming up under there 4 years ago as I was running and then all of a sudden you see light and you are out on the track where the worlds most amazing runners raced- it was phenomenal to think I was running in their foot steps (albeit at a somewhat slower pace). I slowed down to try and take a selfie whilst on the track;
I couldn't actually see the screen of my phone so that's all you can see of me! haha

Some pics of the stadium from just beyond the finish line.
Outside the stadium

The run was a very twisty turny run, and over 12000 participants so not a PB race. That said I was only 1min off of my 10pb time.

I really want to run next year and to enter the family race with Stephanie. This running doesn't mix very well with money saving! But such amazing experiences, I will have to think on it.

Love it!!!

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