Wednesday, 29 July 2015

They keep on growing, growing, growing

Why can't the children play ball by not growing so that I can save more money! LOL every parents wish I am sure.

Today Stephanie and I spent an hour or so sorting through her wardrobe and drawers as she has grown again. Look at all this that no longer fits;

Once I had folded it all tidily it filled two of the very large sports direct bags for life that you get. I am hoping some of it will sell and have started to list it on the facebook selling sites. If they don't go then I will take it down to cash for clothes. the few pounds I make on it all will be put towards a summer treat for us all. Hiding in there are a couple of coats, a couple of jackets, numerous dresses and t-shirts. Would you believe despite removing this lot from her room there is still a whole wardrobe full of clothes in there. Also we have a few bits packed in suitcases as she is due to go away with Brownies this weekend so that case got packed earlier. Also still have the suitcase packed from last weekend when we were meant to go to my sister's. We are hoping to go in the next couple of weeks instead so I haven't unpacked yet. Not unpacking has also highlighted that we all have far too many clothes. I am on a shopping ban!!

It's been another dry and windy day here so I have some washing to sort and iron so best go and get on with it...

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