Saturday, 25 July 2015

We had a change of plan.

This morning we got up ready to begin the 269+ mile journey to my sister's house. I gave Stephanie her antibiotics she is on for a chest infection and jumped in the shower before starting to load the car. Whilst I was loading the car Stephanie came to me and was nearly in tears mummy I'm so itchy and look at my legs and arms. I take a peek and look what I see;

Hmm they look like hives I think. I start rummaging for the piriton on the cupboard. I emerge with none! and more spots are coming up by the second. So I give Stephanie a hayfever tablet and shoot straight to the chemist. The doctors are shut on a Saturday and we live quite a drive from the out of hours etc, The chemist takes one look and ask what she has had/touched this morning. All she had had at this point was the antibiotic which I had taken to the chemist, along with the hayfever tablets I had given her. Stephanie had only been in her room so couldn't have touched any plants etc to have caused the reaction. The chemist advised me to stop the antibiotics and cover her in calamine lotion to help relieve the itching. I also bought a new bottle of piriton whilst there for when the hayfever tablet wears off.

So we have not gone 'oop norf' as I need to keep a close eye that the reaction doesn't get any worse and we also need to visit her doctor first thing on Monday for advice re antibiotics. Cue a little lady hugging me and sobbing "I've been poorly for weeks why can't I just be better"
Still at least the hives are going down now just got to watch and make sure her chest doesn't get any worse before Monday or emergency doctors it is!