Wednesday, 24 March 2010

drowning in paper!!

I feel like it anyway. Am just tying up the loose ends of my dissertation and it is lots of different pieces of paper (hopefully all talking about the same subject!). Its due to be handed in tomorrow so having a slight panic as the printer wanted to print wonky, skip some lines of random pages and other crazy things. It is all done now and in the folder ready for submission.

Have had a busy day in school with goldfish class. We have been playing playdough LOTS. I also took half the class for story time today, lots of fun felt very grown up and teachery doing that.

Dropped of Stephanies old smart trike to its proud new owners after school, she hasn't noticed that it has gone yet but am sure she will soon.

We did notice at bedtime our plants are sprouting up, we have tiny green bits belonging to peppers, carrots, salad leaves and tomatoes so far. Just waiting for the peas to shoot up, they may take longer as they are already outside. Will try and photograph tomorrow to record their progress, will also check on the sunflowers to see if they are doing much yet.

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