Tuesday, 30 March 2010

times flying!

wow where is time going at the moment?

seem to be constantly busy at the moment. Lots of uni work to do and have also been visiting schools for the GTP and have been to a couple of interviews. I haven't got any of the jobs though, so I will be doing the PGCE in September. Feel very calm now that a decision has been made.

Have been busy at home playing games, and making a model of the solar system. Stephanies knowledge is astoudning. She asked me the other day where the bricks and books were kept when the world was all water, before it cracked and we got mud so that the humans could come. WOW! my baby is not really a baby anymore :-( such a sad thought.

Our plants are growing well all of the pots have little shoots appearing; apart from the sunflowers but they were planted about a week after the others. Will post some pics another day feeling a bit tired tonight so going to go to bed soon.

Went to look at a school with Carla today it was a fantastic looking school, it had a great little outdoor area; they had a caravan, a rope swing, climbing apparatus and a woodworking bench with real hammers/ saws etc for the children to use. Was so impressed I have ordered a real toolkit for Stephanies birthday present.

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