Thursday, 29 July 2010

limited time

We have had almost a week of school so far and have, as yet not done anything major. We have spent time at home having  a relaxing time. It has been lovely.
We are now awaiting my sisters arrival, she is coming to stay for a couple of days with her children. So we will no doubt be busier and I won't get a chance to blog. WE are also off on our summer holidays next week, so will be  whole fortnight without blogging.
I have not had any time to do any more sewing, the last of Stephanie's dresses have not been made, although she does have lots now so its not too drastic.

I ordered some material from an etsy seller last week, it came today and I am very pleased with it. Lots of lovely prints. I can't wait to start sewing it into a picnic blanket. I had hoped to have the blanket sewn in time for our holiday but with my sisters arrival expected anytime its not gonna happen!

I must say I was so impressed with the presentation of the lovely fabrics I took a photo of them;

How neat and tidy they looked, thank you very much to the etsy seller Stefaniexu

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