Sunday, 4 July 2010

a skirt and matching bag, rainbow carrots and some lovely family time

Yesterday we went to Eynsford to play in the river/stream there. Always lots of fun trying to catch the fish, have only succeeded in catching 1- they obviously are used to avoiding children with fishing nets.

Today we went for a ride on the high speed trains to London to have a look round the V & A museum, then on for a picnic and walk in Hyde park before coming home and cooking dinner which included these;

YUP they are carrots, rainbow ones to be exact and rather interestingly shaped but tasty all the same.

Have also found time to do some sewing this weekend, very impressive no? I made a skirt and matching handbag for Stephanie and altered 2 of Dylans school shirts from long sleeve to short sleeved and I also found time to sew a few hexagons together in the park.This is the handbag as designed by Stephanie, yup she told me how she would like it to look, "I want t be one I hold in may hand and it need to handles mummy please". I love being able to allow her some choice in exactly how her clother look, they can be made to her preferences, I definately need to make her more, I'd quite like a dress in the style of the one she chose as well.

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