Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Thinking ahead

Today I have been thinking ahead an dplanning what I can grow in the garden next. I need to get the pumpkin seeds planted quickly, I am going to start them in pots then transplant them when the plants in the main bed are all gone. When I say main bed it is still small. at 1m20x1m60 but in it we have carrtos and onions, along with lettuce and raspberries. Its doing well. I have worked out a rough plan of what I am going to grow next in the garden, beginning to look at next years planting as well.

Also remember I mentioned I was going to joinin with the make a month I found vis another blogger; I made a fleece jacket for Stephanie. Had a few teething problems, mainly that I don't like the size of the hood and I can't find the sleeve pattern piece for the pattern I was using. So I altered the pattern sllightly so that the jacket has a collar and I made up the sleeves, so I hope it fits ok. Will find out soon when I collect her from nursery. I think it looks good though, here have a peek

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