Sunday, 9 January 2011

Don't jump in the............

This afternoon my two decided they would like to go for a walk in the woods. I suspect it was in part due to the factthey are trying to convince me to buy them a dog. I have said I will consider it but it won't be decided until the summer and they will need to show me they are ready to accept some of the responsibility a dog would mean. In particular with regards to walking, they love to walk in the summer but in the colder weather if I suggest a walk they grumble and moan.
So anyway we went to the woods wearing their wellies as it has been so rainy it was bound to be muddy and wet, and they wanted to jump in puddles.
So off we went; we jumped in puddles, played in the squelchy mud and tried out the different agility challenges as we went. Like this wonderful balance;

 oh hold on he missed, try again;
thats better you got it!

Given the weather and the location I was suprised how many times I heard the phrase "x don't jump in the puddle" or "don't go in the mud!"
I kind of find it hard to believe all the people who were out had broken washing machines, so why did do people find the need to restrict them so much. Children love  to jump in the puddles and play in the squelchy mud. I love nothing more than knowing my children are having fun and the best way to gauge the fun they have had is by the smiles and the mud they have caked on the bottom of their wellies!
go on get your wellies on and have some fun- DARE you!

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