Sunday, 16 January 2011

look at this.............

That's right, the weather today was perfect for drying washing. I was very pleased and managed to get 2 loads dry outside today. I LOVE the smell of line-dried washing.
We went on our weekly walk this afternoon the children wanted to go back to Shorne wood and try a different walk. Today was the red walk, we found lots of trees to climb, and even a rope swing which we all had fun playing on. It costs £2.50 a time to park at this woods (not complaining) but obviously being the children's favourite woods to go to it's adding up. So I decided to bit the bullet today and bought an annual pass. This is really good value it cost £35 for the year, but there are 17 different country parks near where we live that we can use it in. So over the year thats quite a saving.

When we got home I surprised Stephanie by finally putting up her princess curtains, I have been promising her all month I will do it soon. So while she was glued to Dancing on Ice I put it up for her.

She was very surprised and happy when I sent her up to bed and found it up. Why do I put off these little DIY jobs, they really don't take more than 5 mins. Next on the list is the TV shelf for Dylan's bedroom........


  1. Looks like a fab day ;) love the princess curtain. I wonder if I can getaway with one for me ;D

  2. thanks it was a great day. Every girl needs a princess curtain ;-)