Thursday, 10 February 2011

crafting day

I spent most of today at the Royal Engineers museum, where I have been on placement at recently. Today I was mostly getting the room ready for the special children's event that is happening over the weekend. They are having a Chinese New Year craft workshop. Which I am now running.

So today I have made Chinese lanterns and strung them up all around the room we will be using, as well as egg box dragons. I am hoping to get some Photographs f the work I have done over the weekend. As the larger dragons will be hung on the ceiling for me tomorrow afternoon, whilst I am at uni. They couldn't be hung up today as there is a grown up function in the room tomorrow morning and they didn't want too much of the children's bits up. I don't see why not I think the room looks much more interesting with the decorations.

I'm a very proud Mummy tonight as Dylan won the Ju-jitsu club trophy for trying hard, and helping others where possible.

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