Monday, 18 April 2011

Princess castle pull string pinata

As well as writing the presentation for uni I have also been designing and making a pinata for Stephanie's birthday party. What you mean you hadn't heard about our pirate and princes theme party happening this weekend. Its actually a bit scary as it has grown somewhat from the 5/6 schools friends to 10 school friends and 7 cousins. I am praying for the lovely weather to continue!

Anyway back to the pinata. I wanted to make one with strings as we have had somewhat unsuccessful fun with shop bought bashing ones in the past. So here is what I did to make this years much more successful (fingers crossed) pinata;

you will need:
1 large empty crisp box
several sheets of tissue paper in your colour scheme, I used lilac and pink
2 empty pringles tubes
string/ curling ribbon

Take one empty crisp box (not required that you eat them all to empty, but you can if you like). I then cut 2 pringles tubes in half length ways, so that I had each tube as a semi circle. Stick this in place on the side of the box using sellotape to form the turrets. Cover the whole thing in the tissue paper. I used three layers to cover over the  print on the box.
On the underside of the box cut a flap before placing the last piece of tissue paper on, at this stage do not completely glue down this sheet of tissue paper you will need to be able to pull strings through it soon. Make a whole in the flap big enough to thread your string through.

thread your string through the hole
 On the inside of your box tie a large knot in the string. This will be the strings which pulls the trap door enabling your pinata to open.

Put lots more strings through the sheet of tissue paper that you left loosely in place earlier. I put one for each guest to the party.

Make window and door shapes in your contrasting tissue paper, glue in place.

And there you have your castle pinata. I am going to make a roof for mine to finish the top off, but I need to get some more card first. I will post the finished product another day. As well as a review of how well it worked after the party.

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