Monday, 27 June 2011

the promised post

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be going to the allotment today and that you should expect an allotment related post and here it is!

 I found it under attack from weeds and slugs

I did check the potatoes while I was there. They are almost ready.

The raspberries were falling off the bush.

look how many I picked.

Stephanie couldn't wait to tuck in.

It is so hot today she cooled off in the pool for hours with her mermaids.

I paused for a moment to admire nature at work

I made a quick cheesecake using some of the raspberries to enjoy in the sunshine, oh did you spot the knitting in the picture? I am loving sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine. I have been out there until it's too dark to see properly to do my knitting.

Some of the raspberries were slightly over ripe so I am now making jam with them.

So there you have it my (mainly) allotment related post.

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