Thursday, 21 July 2011

making the most of a rainy day

We decided today that as the forecast for the next week at least appears to be rain followed by more rain a weather chart and rain catcher could be an interesting way to break the day up. here's how we made the chart;
 First we cut some cardboard from a box to make the back. Stephanie glued some pink tissue paper on the card to make it prettier.
Whilst Stephanie was gluing the backing on I prepared the papers. I drew a grid on the paper 8x5 boxes. Along the top the boxes say week beginning in the first one then the next 7 have the days of the week in. The left edge columns say temp, wind direction, rainfall and weather conditions.

Stephanie then made a key for the weather symbols with a picture. We have clear sky, cloudy with sun, cloudy, thunder, rain, snow, windy.

In the top of the papers make 2 holes.

                                          Through the holes going into the card push a push pin.

Glue the key onto the bottom of the cardboard backing.

Once complete you can leave your weather chart as it is, or decorate with stickers. The choice for today (surprisingly!) are princess stickers.

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