Sunday, 24 July 2011

our weekend

We have done quite a lot this weekend considering it is a weekend at home to relax.
I have spent several hours at the allotment sorting out the weeds. I have been lucky enough to have been helped by the gentleman who has the plot next to mine. He brought his strimmer and hedge clippers down and cut back my grassy areas and cut back the bushes. I have gathered the windfalls to stew, I love stewed apples with custard/ice cream.

Dylan made this scrummy looking cake.

Stephanie has been playing with ladybirds in the garden.

These squares form the beginning of my next quilt project.

Finally, we collected the seeds from the sunflower we had growing in the garden.

Look how many seeds we gathered, there are literally hundreds. I have the idea of little packets of these forming the basis for some children's  Christmas presents this year, I would love to gather some more seeds from our plants to make a selection pack, I need to look into how to do his more for different plants.

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