Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Simple things..

Today has been a fantastic reminder that the simple things in life are great. Stephanie is showing the beginnings of the cold I am getting over so we have not done anything major considering it is the summer holidays. People that know me know that I like to explore and discover new places, which results in lots of day trips so it is not normal for me to have spent the past few days close to home.
However, that is not to say I have not enjoyed my peaceful few days. Today we decided to go to a local field, not the best description but my sleepy brain can think of no better word to describe the area, where there are always hundreds of blackberries. So with drinks and empty Tupperware tubs we set off for a the half hour walk. When we got there we picked hundreds of berries which will be made into jam, but not tonight as I am too tired.
We found a rope swing whilst we were there;

So much fun, it even held my weight so that I could have a short turn. You can't beat a rope swing!

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