Saturday, 17 September 2011

WIP and works waiting to be done

Here, have a peek at my current works in process (WIP)

This is the Winnie quilt that Stephanie has been waiting all summer for me to complete, I have finally finished all the blocks. I just need to decide on the final layout. I'm tempted to just go random with them as I can't decide. Incidentally, please over look the paw prints added by Zara. Zara is my aunt's dog who has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks whilst Sue is summer where hot and sunny.
Clearly I forgot that dogs get muddy when they go out in the rainy garden and left all the blocks on the living room floor whilst I went up to the sewing machine to finish the last 2 off.

This is my latest knitting project. Stephanie wants me to make both the items on this page. Starting with the green top. She is at the stage of liking the patterns but having difficulty seeing past the colour. She liked the cardigan but not the top when I bought the pattern. Once we had chosen the wool and come home she decided she liked the top and that is what I needed to make first. I am making it in Teddy soft spot pink.

I have a whole list of projects I want to make. I would love to have all of them done by the end of the year however I suspect it may be a bit too long.

1. Knit Stephanie a cardigan in red, I already have the wool just need to get started.
2. Make a pink cardigan for Stephanie, I don't have the wool for this one yet.
3. Sand and re-varnish the Kitchen unit
4. Make Felt bunting for Stephanie's bedroom
5. Finish Stephanie's Winnie quilt- see beginning of post
6. Make a quilt for my bed
7.Make my bedroom curtains
8. Make Dylan's bedroom curtains
9. Make Stephanie's bedroom curtains
10. Make Stephanie a blouse
11. Make Stephanie a new skirt
12. Make  Stephanie a new Dress
13. Make life- ring for downstairs bathroom
14. Make a beach themed wooden plaque for downstairs bathroom
15. Make Stephanie a wooden plaque for her bedroom
16. Hanging heart decoration/ mobile for Stephanie's bedroom.

Lots of these items were inspired during our recent holiday. However I suspect that 16 items may be too much for me to manage before the end of the year what with working full time and being busy with 2 children. I will make a good attempt at it especially as many of the items are planned for Stephanie's Christmas presents.

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