Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Deans Diner- Dockside review.

Today  (24th October 2011) my sister and our children spent the day doing some more clearing sorting in my Mum's flat. Afterwards we decided that as a treat and because it was late we would go here for dinner- looks fab right?

That's what we thought. As Stephanie put it it looks like on Grease Mummy. We were seated at our table given menus. All normal so far? We ordered our drinks and waited 15 mins for them to arrive. We decided they were very nice milkshakes so didn't grumble. We then waited 30 mins for our food to arrive. I would like to point out that the restaurant was not busy there were 2 tables other than ours occupied. We got our meals; Cajun chicken sandwiches for us adults and chicken and chips for the children. The sandwiches were OK, however not overly nice and somewhat disappointing considering they cost over £6.00. The two girls were not impressed with their meals either with neither of them eating much. We decided never mind we'll get them a dessert anyway. They really wanted pancakes.

We sat for at least 20 minutes with our dirty finished with plates in front of us. I even stacked them up to offer a hint to the staff that we were done. It was not picked up on. Eventually we decided enough was enough and asked for the bill; which took a further 10 minutes to arrive. The girls were disappointed that they didn't get to eat dessert there but were pacified with the promise of me making dessert when we got back to mine.

So all in a all for £30 a very disappointing meal out. I can't say I will go there again.

I am forwarding a copy of this review to the restaurant manager as it seems only fair that they are aware of our disappointing visit and then have the opportunity to rectify any issues for future customers.

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