Saturday, 19 November 2011

How I love Saturdays :-)

I really look forward to the weekends, particularly the weekends when the children are home. Stephanie goes every other weekend to her Dad's. Dylan goes a couple of times a month, but as he is older they tend to be arranged by him. So there are some times I have both children, sometimes only one, and occasionally none. Originally this weekend was to be one of the variety where I have both children. I agreed to Stephanie having a few friends from school around to play and for tea- Dylan arranged to go to his Dad's! I'm sure I don't know why! Ha ha

I must say this has been, despite having an extra couple of 5 year old girls, a very relaxed Saturday. Stephanie played upstairs/outside with her friends; I sat and knitted/ did my paperwork. Bliss.
Once her friends had gone home we watched Strictly together whilst Stephanie danced along, I knitted. BLISS.

Watching a little of Tinkerbell whilst eating ice cream.

Dancing along to Strictly.

A simple but perfect day :-)

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