Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I haven't managed to get on a blog as much as I would like as I have had massive problems with my laptop, my sisters husband fiddled with it, in that blokey way. It seems to be working alright tonight so I can blog (hopefully!)

I have been busy the past couple of weeks making things for Christmas, school and family as well as some home improvements. Some items have been photographed already, some will be photographed in the next few days.

allotment goodies
firework fun

My first pair of knitted socks

My current reading material and knitting project.

As well as these things I have also been busy boarding the flooring in the loft so that I can use it, swapping the children's bedrooms round and painting them at the same time. I then painted the downstairs bathroom. I need to finish sorting Stephanie's things which are still int he living room/my bedrooms

I have so many things I am doing/ need to do. Some of the things that I want to get finished (or at least started) in the next week are;
  1. Stephanie's bedroom organised
  2. Bedroom curtains made for Dylan
  3. bedroom curtains made for Stephanie
  4. blind for downstairs bathroom
  5. gloves for Stephanie
  6. decorate kitchen
  7. curtains for the kitchen
  8. Sophie's top.
  9. Stephanie's heart decoration for her bedroom
  10. Stephanie's bunting
  11. Christmas bunting
As you can see it's ambitious list, I know that I am never going to achieve all of these in the next week I would be pushing it to achieve those things without working full time, but a girl can dream right??

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