Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas day out in London

We started the Christmas holidays with a bang today! We went up to London we went to Hyde park for Winter Wonderland, we went to Zippos Christmas Circus, to Hamleys, and to Trafalgar Square to see the big Christmas tree before a treat in Pizza hut and heading home. It has been a fantastic start to Christmas for us, here are some pics of our day to give you a little glimpse into the fun we have had.

The lego Christmas tree at St Pancras International- absolutely fantastic

Dylan pretending he didn't really want to go on this ride

Baby went on every ride with Stephanie


This smile was mirrored on all of our faces all day


Wow what a start to Christmas, tomorrow we are off on another surprise the children haven't a clue where we are going. I'll let you in on the secret tomorrow, don't want them getting any clues until we get there.

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