Thursday, 29 March 2012

Independence day challenge #7

Here's the 7th(!) time is flying, Independence days challenge.

1. plant something
this week I have planted just a few seeds
-a few pea seeds in jars with cotton wool so that when I go back to work after the Easter break I will have some roots etc to show the children as many of the class were very interested in the the just-about-to-shoot peas in the digging area.
- butterfly lower mix- this is a children's seed packet intending to attract butterflies Stephanie chose in the garden centre
- I also up-potted some garden plants

2. harvest something
hopefully very soon I will be able to add an entry here

3. preserve something
I froze some milk as I had more than we can use, I have never done this before so hope it is OK.

4. waste not
see above
watering the garden with rain water collected in the water butt over the winter
planted seeds etc using our compost from the compost bin in the garden

5. want not
I have bought home some milk again as they were going to throw it out

6. eat the food
We have been eating the curly kale and savoy cabbage I harvested last month and froze as well as lots of the yellow label goodies I have picked up on trips to the shops.
I have made a birthday cake for my sister who is coming to stay for a few days starting tomorrow, it is a practise run for Stephanie's birthday. Thankfully it has gone very well and Stephanie took one look and asked for one like it for her birthday :-)

7. build community food systems
I gave my very grateful neighbour some milk as I am not sure I can use as much as I was donated.
When making the cake for my sister I had some left over, I got the children to share it with the neighbours children they were out playing with this evening, and every evening this week. I love listening to them all out playing and laughing together. My house has been the chosen clubhouse this week :-)

8. skill up
I learnt how to make a shaped birthday cake- this will be revealed in it's own  blog post once my sister has seen it.

So there you have it my striving for more independence ( I don't see that I could ever be totally independent) post for this week, how have you been getting on?

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