Monday, 30 April 2012

New year aspirations update

I think I may have forgotten my round up post last month, so will roll March and April's together. I have copied and pasted the lists from my aspirations page and my last update post you can see what has been achieved by the strike throughs, or excuses in italics! The plans for them both were to;

  • Make summer dresses for Stephanie this isn't completely struck through as I want to do more
  • Work on Mum's crocheted blanket
  • decorate kitchen - Bumped I NEED to find time to do the hallway before I can contemplate this.
  • begin work on the allotment
  • swim- removed for now as a money saving measure, I need to find a free exercise
  • cycle I'm wary of cycling in the rain and every time I have 5 Min's it rains!- my excuse and I'm keeping it
  • plan any making required for Stephanie's birthday planning done and much of the making is underway Achieved and enjoyed (see previous post for results of this)
  • Decorate upstairs bathroom- see note on hallway above
  • Make curtain/ blind for bathroom again see above
  • exercise- one day I will, although tenuous link does digging the allotment count? thought not
  • plant seeds done, will be doing more but need more space/ less frost so that I can start getting them in the ground- All potatoes are in the ground and I have planted pea seeds directly in the ground unsure how they will fare yet. Green beans have been transplanted, just hope they survive

In my round up post for February I set myself

  • Make summer dresses for Stephanie I made 2 dresses for her birthday

  • Work on Mum's crocheted blanket started this already, need to buy some more matching yarn so I can complete - I need to dig this back out, I managed to buy matching yarn but have not picked it up since.

  • decorate kitchen - see above excuse logical reason

  • begin work on the allotment done this already, still more to be done but it is started  Looking much better, still some to go but it looks like an allotment again now

  • swim - see reason above

  • cycle - as above

  • I also plan on adding;
    • decorate hallways, they are looking VERY tatty so are higher priority than the kitchen now.- Still need to do
    • finish swoon quilt/picnic rug- the top is done just needs quilting now
    • finish Henry VIII cross stitch about half way there with this

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