Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting ready

Tomorrow we are having our Jubilee celebration. I am refusing to call it that B word as I can (almost) guarantee the sun will hide and the rain will appear if I do. So we are having a celebration I will make the decision whether I cook inside or out tomorrow about half hour before I begin. To accompany our celebration we have been home making this is what we have made so far;

Hmm, I wonder what all these triangles will be for?

Yup you guessed it frugal bunting. I have used some sheeting, which originally covered the throne in  Stephanie's castle. I cut 1/4 of it up and we all used fabric pens I already had to decorate them. The triangles are joined together with curling ribbon from the craft stash, attached with staples. Quick and easy. The plan is for these beauties to decorate the garden tomorrow.
Then we began the baking. The desserts for tomorrow were made with ingredients from the store cupboard- no expense necessary

Mini Victoria sandwiches, even the jam is home made.

 Cup cakes;
 And best of all Dylan's gooey chocolate brownies;

These are my favourite dessert at the moment. I must stop getting him to bake it- I'll be the size of a house soon otherwise.

Tomorrow I will continue to cook for our gathering on the to do list are;

home grown coleslaw- you didn't know that grew alongside the slugs on the allotment did you? LOL
Potato salad
sausage rolls
ermm I'm sure there was something else but I can't remember at the moment, oh yes the chicken kebabs need making.

How are you celebrating?


  1. Hey Sarah, thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment. I love your bunting idea & this was actually something we meant to do but never got round to but I think I will do it for the Graduation. Off now to explore your blog.

    1. Thanks for hopping back over here. The bunting was so simple to do, I definately recommend giving it a try.