Saturday, 16 June 2012

Use it up challenge

Last Friday I posted about following the use it up challenge. I have used what we have in the fridge for most meals and supplemented that with what is in the freezer we have had;

  • cheese rolls
  • Philadelphia rolls
  • salad
  • fruit
  • yoghurt
  • cakes
  • jacket potatoes
  • home-made pizza and dough balls
  • pork chops and noodles
  • chicken curry
  • mackerel and tomato pasta
  • croissants ( i did buy these)
  • toasted rolls
  • cereal bars
All I bought during the week was some croissants these fed us for a couple of days and a KFC I could give you an excuse- there was an accident on the way home from work meaning I was very delayed on the day we had it, Dylan was on a school trip and I had to feed Stephanie and myself in the 45 minutes I had between collecting her from the childminders and going to the collection point to get Dylan back from his trip. I realise I could have done a quick and simple dinner for the 2 of us in that time but I was being lazy! LOL

This week resulted in most of the fridge being depleted. There are a some eggs, few carrots and a couple of parsnips still to use but apart from that everything was used. The eggs I will use tomorrow to make cakes for next weeks lunches, the carrots and parsnips for tomorrows roast.

I have been shopping today I bought some more fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice and cheese these are items we constantly use. Just buying these this week has meant that my shopping was less than £20.

I have some chicken bits in the fridge which I will use to make a roast dinner tomorrow and will go through the freezer menu planning for next week. I also need to look in the cupboard to see what I can incorporate from the tins etc to our meals as I am sure some of them have been lurking in the back a while.

How are you getting on with the challenge?

Incidentally I know June is the month for Mackeral fishing, one of our favourite fish- where can I learn how to fish myself??


  1. It sounds like you did a great job of using it up! I took part in the challenge as well and also emptied our refrigerator. It was a great feeling ... nothing wasted and it nudged us to come up with some creative dishes. It's really amazing how much food we have on hand. I can look in the pantry and think that we don't have anything to prepare but this challenged showed me that we actually had a lot! Mackeral ... aren't they those big fish that put up a good fight ... the ones that sports fishermen go out on big boats to catch? I have a feeling that one would need more than a line & hook off the shore to catch these fish. :-)

    1. It is amazing how much we hoard, am working my way through the freezer but think there is enough to keep me going in there til the end of the month.
      Is that how you catch Makeral? I have no idea I either buy them in the supermarket or have them donated by various friends/family usually in return for veggies. I really should ask about how they get them LOL