Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Using what you have

Whilst blog hopping yesterday, a little known hobby of mine ;-) I came across Mrs Green's Zero waste blog. Mrs Green is hosting a little freezer challenge which I am going to join in with. Basically the challenge is to use up items you may have lurking in your freezer/store cupboard and not going out to buy any more food until it is used. After spending a large chunk of this months food budget on yesterday's barbecue I think this is the perfect challenge for me right now.  Before I start going through the freezer I need to use up what is left over from yesterday, as you can see from the pictures above there is plenty left over to begin this challenge well. All I am planning on buying this month is the fresh fruit/vegetables and milk that we need. Once the barbecue food has gone I will make an inventory of what is lurking in the kitchen and menu plan with that, I'm curious to see how close to my next payday I can get with it.

I'm feeling a little smug this morning as I made some of my homemade bread for the barbecue and everyone ate it, even the children's fussy auntie who couldn't believe it was home made :-)


  1. That is a great challenge, we did it a while ago (we needed to defrost our freezer) and i was amazed by how much food we actually had in our kitchen, we did end up with a few random meal combinations towards the end but thats half the fun!

    Im so glad your sticking with the bread making, you really can't beat homemade and I love how impressed people are when you tell them, that never gets old!

    1. I've not checked but I'm sure there is a turkey lurking in the bottom of my freezer, I bought it on offer after Christmas. I may leave that there until this Christmas. Apart from that I truely have no idea what it in there and suspect there may be a few 'surprise' freezer bags where until defrosted I won't know what meat is in them lol lol I'm looking forward to the fun.
      We had some shop bought bread given to the bbq cause by visitors and I can honestly say I would rather eat my own bread. I Love that.