Sunday, 1 July 2012

How rich are you?

I have had a beautiful day out with Stephanie today. As I watched her running along trying to race steam trains I had a realisation I guess you could call it.

If someone was to ask me how rich I am I would say not I'm not I'm skint! But watching Stephanie playing today I realised I am rich; I have 2 beautiful and healthy children, I have my health, I have my family and friends, a roof over my head and a job. I have so much compared to many. I don't need much money to have all of this.

I had a lovely day out all it cost was £2.50. We went to a park, took a picnic- leftover pizza from last nights dinner, fruit and salad from the fridge and a pack of crisps each already in the cupboard. There was no parking charge at the park. It was a 20 min drive so not too much fuel used getting there. The money spent was only because there was a special event happening so there was a bouncy castle and stalls there. Stephanie had a go on the bouncy castle- £2 for 5 minutes and a go on the lucky duck stall 50p.

Dylan didn't want to come; he slept at his Dad's last night I phoned this morning to tell him what we were doing but he didn't want ot join us, only to ask when I collected him if we could go to a park!! (Children!)

Here are some of our pictures from today;

Sharing her dough balls with the ducks

hanging around

Can I go in the water mum?

I'm gonna win!

On the train

Oh I am sorry, I told a fib! I spent £3.10- they train was the princely sum of 30p each to ride.

So just how rich are you??


  1. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, I am happy to discover yours too.
    I feel very rich indeed, even though I am skint! I now have a beautiful life with a lush garden of things I am going to eat and peace and tranquillity in my life. So many people measure wealth in completely the wrong way.

    1. Thanks for popping over to my blog :-)

      I'm glad you have found a beautiful life for yourself. You are right wealth is measured in the wrong way and thank you for reminding me of the word I had wanted to use in this post- I had been thinking about posting whilst at the park about wealth by time I got home I couldn't remember the word so used rich as a substitute lol