Wednesday, 29 August 2012


We usually visit London a lot especially during the summer holidays, this year however I haven't been as I thought with the Olympics on it would be very busy. I agreed to going between the Olympics and Paralympics however life happens and so we didn't get there until today when we picked up our tickets for the event we are watching. On the way to the central London ticket office we saw Downing Street, The Horse Guards, Houses of Parliament and a view of the London Eye which ticked several boxes of one of the group we were with.

We then had a surprise as whilst in the queue for tickets I was told that the Paralympic flame was passing by anytime! So we found the route, with a little help from a policeman on where best to stand for our little people to be able to see. Lots of excitement and cheering as the flame passed.

We then went to the Science museum another request from the children in the group where we looked at space rockets, and learnt about different materials.

Us grown ups are now very tired after a feet aching and frugal day- we walked the almost 2 miles to the train station and back as there were too many of us to go in the car as we usually would. So we saved the cost of fuel which google estimate to be 50p, plus saved the parking which is £2.50 for the day. We got the train to London using my railcard which saved us a whopping £36.55! We took lunch with us using what we already had in the house so in all we saved £39.55 with our day out so we bought fish and chips in the way home as a treat spending costing £18.50. So even taking this into account we saved £21.05 on our day out.

Torch bearer

The lovely policeman who spoke to the children asking about their day, if they were having fun etc.
It wasn't as busy as I had expected until the train on the way home, however that is because we get the high speed train back home, which goes through Stratford where the Olympic park is so it was very full of commuters and supporters. Everyone seemed happy even though many of us stood for the majority of the journey. 2 very kind gentlemen stood up so that the younger members of our group could sit down. Other passengers chatted happily to all of the children making what could have been a difficult journey rather pleasant. 


  1. Sounds like you all had a lovely, and very memorable day out and at a great price too. fantastic :o)

    1. Thanks Nell it was a great day and an amazing price for 6 of us :-)