Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A finished project

This evening I finished this

Stephanie is made up with it and has gone up to bed with it already!
So far I have managed 2 no spend days this month Yayy!
I now need to decide what my next project is. Stephanie has a friends birthday party in a couple of weekends I am loving the idea of making her a present using things we already have in the house. I need to decide what- any ideas?? It will be for a 7 year old girl.


  1. ...greetings again! ~ that blanket loOks super delicious! ~ any wonder it's been snaffled sO quickly!...
    ...in answer to thine question: a party frock? ~ upcycling fave cloths mayhaps? ~ blessed be! ~` dear kindred heart!...(o:
    ...p.s. ~ thankyoU for your reply to my comment in your last post!...

    1. Ty. I am upcycling some old cloths at the moment will share when finished x

  2. I love that blanket.

    Hope you get some nice ideas.

    Sft x

    1. Ty Sft, I have a project on the go I hope to finish today x