Sunday, 17 March 2013

playing house!

Today I have spent the day sorting in the house, with the exception of a brief trip out to collect Dylan and Stephanie from their Dad's. Aside from paperwork for work and cleaning the house top to bottom I have been doing this;

Yummy vanilla cupcakes made using the Ultimate cupcake recipe from pure vanilla, a book I won in a give away over on Hannah's blog a while back. They are very tasty and super light! I love them, the book is in American measures so once I had converted them I was good to go.

I have also strained and bottle my damson vodka I made last year, o course whilst doing this I had to have a little taste- it's delicious. Now I need to leave it alone for several more months to enjoy at its best! I am a little upset as I broke my pretty vodka bottle I have been saving especially for this vodka.

Now I have a question for those of you who make fruit alcohols, once strained do you use the fruits to make anything else? It seems a shame to waste what look like perfectly good (although alcoholic I know!) little berries now that I have removed them from their liquid home.


  1. ...what a productive day! ~ 'tis amazing what can be done ~ when playing ~ with inspirational muse! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred heart!...(0:

  2. We have some slow gin to drink. Thanks for reminding me.

    Sft x