Sunday, 10 March 2013


I have spent today making gifts for 3 of Stephanie's friends as they have parties coming up. I want to try and make more gifts this year. I have not purchased anything to make these gifts.  I have use an old and holey pair of my jeans for the main, then I used 2 tops and some material I had left over making a dress for Stephanie last year.

This is one of the tops and the pair of jeans.

All cut out ready to sew.

3 bags ready for wrapping. Stephanie has chosen the colours for her friends and the embellishments. I am really pleased how they have come out. I have one more gift to make, this one for a boy so I am thinking about a pencil case. I have plenty more old clothes etc to re-purpose.
I just need to embellish the pink one, as Stephanie is in bed it will have to wait until tomorrow so that she can choose from the stash what she would like on it.


  1. They are lovely and how clever are you!

    Not even resting on Mothers Day.

    Sft x

    1. Ty, I hope they are recieved so well by the people they are aimed for

  2. super! ~ 'tis sO inspiring! ~ a most awesome accomplishment! ~ blessed be!...(o: