Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holiday fun

Today has been a chilled kind of a day. We began with a mooch around the boot fair, it was a lovely day over there. Stephanie got herself a couple of new books. I bought a book and a tractor for school for story packs.

We then returned one of Stephanie's birthday presents, as it was faulty, before heading off to a local park for a picnic and a play.

sitting on the wall watching the tide go out as we ate our pack up.

Whilst we were sitting there I realised we were all bouncing our feet off of the wall LOL
Then the children decided to spend £1.80 each on crazy golf, it was very amusing.

Stephanie is a bit of a sore loser and when she had trouble with one of the arrangements got the hump and gave up. She soon came round within a couple of minutes and joined in again (just ignored the tricky one and went on to the next LOL)
Then we went into the park where Stephanie found some friends who also have the same child minder and she went to climb/run/ be free with them for a little while. Whilst Dylan and I sat on a bench enjoying the sunshine and chatted.
We didn't stay as long as I would have liked but Dylan was getting fed up, he beginning to get very self conscious at parks particularly when he doesn't know anyone. I also have woken up bunged up/ with sore throat etc so not feeling my best, but was determined to make the most of a sunny bank holiday by getting out.
Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely day today.

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