Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Children and post

Children love it when they get post through the front door. I don't remember when it changed from being excited to receive post to groaning when there is unexpected post on the doormat. I am guessing it was somewhere around the time I realised I was no a grown up.

Today was a very exciting post day for Stephanie. She received her race for life post. This Sunday we are Racing for life in memory of Stephanie's Nan (my Mum) and 2 great Nan's, all of whom died recently(within the last 2 years) from cancer.

Group image

I have complete the race twice in the past. Last year Stephanie joined me for the last 100m or so, but this year she is determined to complete the whole race and run all the way. I have no doubt she will make it to the end, and run a large portion of it as she is very determined not sure where she got that trait from ;-)

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  1. ...may the day of this journey be filled with sunshine and camaraderie ~ blessed be!...(O: