Monday, 17 June 2013


I have some great savings I made this weekend. I popped into Morrison's on the way past to get some bread. I spent the grand total of £8.61. Look what I got for that:
2 Mackerel
1 fillet of plaice
24 plain bread rolls
2 chocolate twists
2 large fruit tea cakes
2 rustic bread rolls
2 paninis
half a melon (9p!)
bunch of bananas
1 multipack of kitkats
cheese straws (for Grandad)
3 pots of ready made fruit- only bought as reduced 15p each.
All was reduced except the bananas and kitkats. The kitkats are worth the money though, they have 1/2 price vouchers for up to 4 people to go Chessington which is on the children's summer wish list.
Using items I had in the cupboard/fridge I canned a batch of tomato sauce we use for pasta etc.

A few cloves of garlic, 1 onion and 1/2 a bunch of fresh basil I bought reduced for 9p
A salad pepper delivered with my veg box in a sorry state, and the stalk off of the broccoli we had for dinner were chopped and added too.
This all went in, along with 3 cans of tin toms.

Here it is all cooking down.

And in the jars. With the tinned tomatoes and vegetables I estimate these cost me around £1 to make. That is for all 3 jars so 33p a jar roughly. As opposed to £1 a jar when on offer of the supermarket stuff, and I know what is in them.
2 out of the 3 jars sealed and "popped", the third didn't but as we have a tomato based dinner planned for Wednesday it is sitting in the fridge ready to be used. I will definitely follow Elaine's advice and make these again.
Oh and in case you are wondering, I didn't waste the water from the boiling the jars stage either, I put that in my metal watering can. I left it to cool over night, now I am off to water my plants with it. Waste not want not!

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