Saturday, 15 June 2013


Today we got up to the usual Saturday morning things when the children are not with their dads, swimming lesson, library visit, I also needed to go to pick up a parcel from the royal mail place (that's for a whole other post!).
We came back pottered about in the garden and doing housework then the children decided we should go for a bike ride. Well they ride, I walk just until Stephanie has got to grips with using her brake!

We went around the village for a little and then Stephanie and I decided to pop over to frog island, you can tell she is getting more confident on her 2 wheels finally. We had a little look at the pond there to see if there are any tadpoles about yet.
Then as we discovered when exploring on the Internet last night there are lots of geocaches walking (or biking) distance from our house. We knew we were very close to one when we were at the pond so we went to find it.
Stephanie was very pleased as I didn't see it, but she did nestled in the hollow of a tree.

These were the things inside. Stephanie decided that she wanted to swap the kayake badge for a handful of safety pins I had in my bag. I must start carrying more interesting things around with me.
We then cycled up the road to where there is meant to be another one, but we couldn't find it. I have looked for more clues online and we shall try again another day.
Stephanie really is getting so much better on her bike
On the straighter stretches of the country road I let her cycle, but there are quite a few s-bends so I made her get off so I could push it nearer these.
We enjoyed our geocache adventure, although Dylan missed out and was a little disappointed, as he cycled off on his own around the village. So I text him to say we were heading off and where too, but he decided not to join us. I think he may next time!


  1. How cool that you found one! Shame you couldn't find the other but at least that's an adventure for another day :)

    1. We are so pleased that we managed to find one. The other one we will go back for another time, we think we know where it is now, will have to get pics when we do manage :-)