Friday, 2 August 2013

beach day

Today is another beautiful summers day so we headed down to the beach again. As I mentioned yesterday we really enjoyed driving around the motorways rather than on them yesterday so we planned to do some 'off motorway' driving today. Unfortunately there was a nasty accident early this morning so lots of people had to do 'off motorway' driving. I hope no-one was seriously hurt.

We drove through lost of villages on route to the beach. We stopped at a couple of roadside stands on the way and picked up a punnet of cherries for £2.50 and 2 punnets of strawberries for £1 each. Lovely fresh local produce! We ate some on the way and the rest will be used in my morning smoothies and as snacks over the weekend.

When we got to the beach, a different one to the one I had intended to drive to (let's gloss over my sense of direction!) we found a carpark and for a beach front location it was v. cheap- I paid £4.00 and I could have stayed there until 11.30 this evening. Stephanie was disgusted that we didn't stay until then. LOL

We haven't spent a penny after that. We have had lots of outdoor, free fun;

Elaine,see what I mean by the similar attire! Maybe they are going through a cocoon phase! LOL



burying each other. Dylan asked if he could have some of our popcorn, so Stephanie gave it to him. Think that makes up for some of the teasing she has received.

We drove home and unlike yesterday I didn't stop in a restaurant for dinner, I cooked when we got in. When I went out to water the garden I found a visitor
Meet Cherry, she lives next door but one, she is usually found sunning herself on top of my water butt.


  1. Another lovely day out at the beach. Love the photos-especially the 'splashing' ones. Good to see lots of fresh fruit was consumed.

    Sft x

    1. The simplest days can be the most fun.
      Even when we are out having 'a treat' I try to include fruit and vegetables. I like to have them as everyday foods rather than a chore to eat.