Wednesday, 16 October 2013

knitting on a Wednesday

I cast on a new knitting pattern the other evening, Stephanie has requested a jumper for school, rather than the cardigans she usually wears.

I am finding it tiring, I have been knitting chunky knits with big needles, now I am using double knit with 4mm needles, it is growing oh so slowly!

this is 2 evenings of work so far! You can't see the pattern as the yarn is so dark. Hopefully as it grows you will see the pattern more, it makes a heart pattern across the jumper as you knit. The most tricky knit I have attempted, so hopefully mine will have the intended heart pattern! LOL

I am off to blog hop for a few minutes before knuckling down with the knitting again.


  1. I love chunky knitting as it grows so quickly and i dont get bored, i do like fine knitting , it looks so good, but ohh how is drags on, it will be worth it in the end and she will love it

    Sharon x

    1. My thoughts exactly, it will be worth it but seems so slow.
      I had an enquiry via my childminder after the last school cardigan I knitted Stephanie if I could make them for other people. I said how long it takes me and the lady was surprised, se thought it would take a week not several!