Monday, 28 October 2013


I am a little confused with the days today, I thought it was Sunday but actually it's Monday- half term here making things very confused.
Saturday Dylan and I went shopping, as Friday was payday I decided to make a start ion the Christmas shopping.

Some of the gifts we found. I have bought for all of my nieces/nephews, Stephanie and a few other family members. I still need to buy Dylan's but I refuse when he is with me. He has sent me an emailed list of a few bits and pieces he wants, so I will have a look and select a few bits off of there to get later in the month.

I had dinner with my sister and her family yesterday, then my niece and nephew came to sleep at my house. It is the first time my nephew has had a sleepover so we were all feeling dubious about how long he wold last. He stayed all night and didn't ask to go home until after lunch.

The children having fun after breakfast. I got Stephanie some new cork matts when I was out shopping as the original board that came with the tap tap art set got broken. She is very impressed as they came as a set of 3, so all 3 children were able to play together. They spent a long time making their pictures and working together. I was very pleased to see this as I had picked a set up for my nephew for his Christmas present.
Once I dropped them home Stephanie and I came home and had a pamper evening; we had a face mask each;

And painted each others nails whilst watching a film. Stephanie has now gone to bed ready for her busy day tomorrow and I have flipped the computer on to catch up with blogs and see what others are up to.

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