Saturday, 23 November 2013

Making extra cash

Yesterday I sorted out our old cloths

 and took them to a cash for clothes collection site near where I live. I sold our old clothes for 50p a kilo and came home with £14.00. Not masses of money for what looked like oodles of clothes, but lots more than I had in my purse to start the day with!

We have decided that as a family we would like to cycle together more, to aid this I need a new bike and Stephanie could do with a bigger bike as she has grown a lot recently. Now I very much doubt this will be new bikes, more likely 'new to us' bikes. The money received for the clothes has started off our budget for buying these. I will be on gumtree/ebay/facebook selling sites and so on until I find what we need.

I shall add a counter to the side bar where our financial stats for the month are to keep a check of this progress.

A little inspiration;

some of these so we can do this;

more often :-)

These pictures are to help me keep inspiration and get up in the cold attic, and cold shed to find things to sell. I'll be back later

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  1. another £8.00 earnt through sale of toys. £22.00 in total and I have only emptied one of the attic boxes