Monday, 17 February 2014

Approved foods giveaway!

Today I received our latest Approved foods order.

Here it is before I unpacked it all.

This is what I got for my money this time;
I hjave salsa, gravy, batter mix, massive bag iof pasta, tortillas, lots of pitta breads, ice cream mix, lemon juice, cake decorations, cheesecake mix.
This little lot should have cost over £60. Including delivery I have paid £19.69. that's a massive £51.94 saving.
Into the freezer went the pitta breads, the store cupboard is nice a full again. We have lots of options for enhancing our meals now.
 My little blog is almost 4 years old! Would you believe it. so I have decided I'm going to have a little giveaway. I have some goodies left from a previous approved foods order which we have decided we don't like. I have 8 packets of these;
So I thought I would give them away to my readers. I am offering 2 packets of cous cous as a prize, so that is 4 prizes available.
To be in with a chance to win please leave a comment below to say that you would like to be entered. I will draw the lucky winners at 8pm (UK time) on Thursday the 20th February. Please feel free to share this post on twitter etc. I'm sorry but I can only offer this giveaway to UK residents.
In the mean time if you would like to check out approved foods and place your own bargain order please follow the link to the right hand side of this blog post.

*******EDITED 20.02.14- Pam and Sharon looks like you are the lucky winners CONGRATULATIONS!! Please email me your postal addresses at  and I will get your prizes sent straight out to you both. ***********


  1. I must have missed that couscous, I have just put an order in with AF and it has a different type. I ordered the pasta but was very good and ignored the ice cream and cheesecake. I did buy mango pulp as I love it on yogurt and on porridge. I hope to make some chutney with it as well.

    1. I have lots of family coming to visit around Easter so thought the ice cream and cheesecake would be perfect then! They have some fantastic bargains don't they.

  2. I missed the ice cream and cheesecake mix on my last recent order. I really rate them. Thank you for the chance to win some cous cous - lovely! Just come across your blog too. xx

    1. Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web thanks for dropping by.