Friday, 21 February 2014

Vegetarian food

On Tuesday Stephanie announced she is a vegetarian. I don't like to tell my children they can't do things without trying first, obviously unless it provides a very high risk of danger. Ok I say tell me more well I don't want to eat meat anymore, I'll still have eggs, milk and fish but no meat!

Now it was too late for me to do anything on Tuesday as it was 20 mins until dinner was cooked! So Tuesday she had a roast minus the meat. Wednesday Stephanie had vegetable fingers whilst Dylan and I had left over lamb curry. Thursday we al had quiche. we made it ourselves so Dylan had salami and cheese in his. Stephanie had cheese peas and sweet corn and I had cheese peas, sweet corn and onion.

We have never made quiche before as they have always refused to eat it. Dylan had some at his aunts a few months ago and said it was alright. However, as seems to be the pattern with my children they love the homemade version :-) looks like quiche is on the menu more often then. Which is fine when I get the eggs on cheap like I did the other day. :-)

Are you, or is someone you cook for vegetarian- what recipes would you suggest for Stephanie to try??

PS the winners of my approved foods giveaway are announced here take a peek and see if it is you!!


  1. My favourites are cauliflower cheese, cheese & potato pie & lentil roast.

    1. Stephanie doesnt like cauliflower cheese. What is lentil roast, how cam I make it?