Sunday, 16 March 2014

An Apple for the teacher!!

Remember the saying that you bring in an apple for the teacher. Well I got something even better this week from one of the lovelies from my class!
This term I have been doing 'food tech' with my class. We have made pancakes and sweet corn salad so far. There are plans for smoothies this week, cakes another week.

We made our sweet corn salad and after all the children had had a try there was still LOADS left so we invited in the children's parents at the end of the day to try it with them. It went down a treat with parents complementing us for teaching the children a 'real food' and asking if we were planning on doing more of this- we have been able to offer cooking once a week for this term.

The children loved telling the parents how to make it and many have said they are planning on teaching their parents over this weekend.

The recipe has eggs in it as one of the parents was trying she passed comment that she has chickens, I responded with how lovely I'd love to but am not allowed them in my garden. Look what arrived for me the next morning with the little one in my class;

There were 6 but I was so excited that I forgot to photograph before I had 2 in a pan like this;

picture doesn't show but one of these eggs is a beautiful blue, the other white.

What a fantastic breakfast I had;

They were delicious, how lucky am I to have such thoughtful families in my class?!

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